Manitoba Girls Football Association
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The Manitoba Girls Football Association is the first female tackle program of its kind in Western Canada.

The MGFA is dedicated to developing and fostering opportunities for girls to play football against girls. We are not competition for minor football in Manitoba, our leagues are played in the spring, this allows girls learn how to play, hone their skills and compete against each other, and if they so choose to compete in the youth leagues in the fall.

It is a stand alone program that allows the girls that only want to play against other girls to do so, and still allows the girls that wish to play fall football to do so as well.

Past Champions:


2023:   North Winnipeg Nomads/East Side Eagles           
2022:   East Side Eagles
2019:   Sunrise Coyotes                                                         
2018:   Sunrise Coyotes                                                     
2017:   Sunrise Coyotes                                                     
2016:   St. Vital Mustangs                                                  
2015:   St. Vital Mustangs                                                  
2014:   St. Vital Mustangs                                                  
2013:   East Side Eagles                                                   
2012:   St. Vital Mustangs
2011:   Charleswood Broncos
2023:   St. Vital Mustangs
2019:   St. Vital Mustangs
2018:   East Side Eagles
2017:   Interlake Thunder
2016:   Interlake Thunder
2015:   St. Vital Mustangs
2014:   St. Vital Mustangs
2013:   North Winnipeg Nomads